Have you sustained losses due to the fires in the Los Angeles area?

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Wildfires are back!

You should know you can file a claim for smoke, sooth and ash. You don’t need to have property burned down to file a claim. Contact us!!!

Is Your Insurance Company Giving you the Runaround?

If you have filed a claim and the insurance company is giving you the runaround, contact us; we will help you navigate the claims process.

Take photos, videos before you do your clean up. If you cleaned up, don’t worry, we can still help. You are entitled to compensation for professional cleaning and restoring your property to its original condition.

Are you a victim of Saddleridge or Tick Fires?

Saddleridge fire affected thousands in the Porter Ranch area.
The Tick Fire affected thousands in the Canyon Country/Santa Clarita areas.
If you were evacuated or affected, contact us. Contact us even if you didn’t evacuate.

Don’t deal with the insurance companies on your own.


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